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Greenwich Myofunctional Therapist George Tsangaroulis

George Tsangaroulis

Dentist in Greenwich, Connecticut

ha'kfar hayarok Myofunctional Therapist Almaz Levi

Almaz Levi

Dental Hygienist at Almaz Levi in ha'kfar hayarok, Israel

San Francisco Myofunctional Therapist Joseph Cicinelli

Joseph Cicinelli

Physical Therapist in San Francisco, California

Poggibonsi (SIENA) Myofunctional Therapist Valentina Ferrini

Valentina Ferrini

Dental Hygienist in Poggibonsi (SIENA), Toscana

Escondido Myofunctional Therapist Jenae Ciuffreda

Jenae Ciuffreda

I help children and adults achieve a higher level of health through proper oral rest posture, swallowing and chewing posture and proper breathing. in Escondido, California

West Hollywood Myofunctional Therapist Melody Ouyoung

Melody Ouyoung

Always trying to do my best to serve my clients with positive outcome in West Hollywood, California

Tualatin Myofunctional Therapist Nicole Beck

Nicole K Beck, Legacy Health System

speech-language pathologist at Nicole K Beck, Legacy Health System in Tualatin, Oregon

Toronto Myofunctional Therapist Geneva Kliman

Genvea Kliman

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist at Genvea Kliman in Toronto, Ontario